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Locate a lost child with a 10 second
live location update


Beta Secure is changing the way parents and kids stay connected

Beta Secure is a venture by xperts business. Beta secure is the smartest and unique concept designed for kids & loved ones, it helps parents to locate their child all the time to have sense of satisfaction when their loved ones are away. It alert parents when kinds are out of safe zone or when they have an emergency.

Beta Secure tracker is a perfect companion for the kids when they are out to explore the world or in their adventures without intruding their sense of freedom.

Beta Secure tracker make you wonder how this tiny device talks to satellites to get precise position, speed & direction & send it directly to your smart phone.  

Beta Secure is a venture, committed to developing next-generation remote Child Tracking Devices in order to immediately locate:
  • Missing Children
  • The Active Elderly
  • And Even Pets

The company's management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect, while encouraging ownership of responsibilities to help foster personal and professional growth.