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  • ANTI-DROPPED : At the bottom of the watch there is embedded optical senson , whether perceived from the child's wrist , accordance to the principle of light preception , a message will sent to their parents phone
  • POSITION : Both of GPS + LBS base station double positioning technology, acheive all day real-time location tracking , more accurate positioning than 99% smart watch of the market !
  • ELECTRONIC FENCE : Create a safe area zone , once a kid out of this zone. it will alarm by APP and SMS
  • COMMUNICATION : 3 family no's registered on the watch , help kids to communicate with there family freely . more saver , more convenient .
  • HISTORY ROUTE:Route recording and history route playback up-to three months from anywhere vai website platform.
  • SOS BUTTON FOR HELPING:Encounted emergency situation , press SOS Button to send out the distress message& CALL to guardian
  • REMOTE MONITOR : Much more sensitive microphone . Monitoring all the sound around the device when emergency happened.
  • GSM TECHNOLOGY : QUAD band gsm technology .
  • SCREEBL PRO : Q50 battery with screebl pro technology helps more power saving or consumption of battery
  • PEDOMETER : The pedometer is your health assistant , it can calculate your running distance and consumption .